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What is the More Floats Content Vault?

The More Floats Content Vault is a premium subscription service providing high-quality marketing content designed explicitly for float centers and wellness centers that offer float therapy. This includes a variety of media formats, such as videos, images, and written content, to enhance your marketing efforts, along with access to guides, tools, and systems.

How does the licensing subscription work?

What types of content are included in the subscription?

What are the Story Sharing systems?

Can I preview the content before subscribing?

Is the content customizable for my brand?

What is the pricing structure for the subscription?

How often is new content added to the vault?

Can I cancel my subscription at any time?

Are there any restrictions on how I can use the content?

What support is available if I have questions about using the content?

Can I use this content for multiple locations?

Do you provide refunds?

What if other centers in my area are using this content? Do I get exclusivity?